Thursday, August 15, 2013

So I have been thinking about starting a blog...

Yeah, another blog.

 It's true.

 I will post my story. Eventually. For right now I just wanted to start sharing some of the trials and tribulations of everyday life as a seperated person. ALMOST divorced. Sigh... ALMOST. Today, I just deleted ten THOUSAND emails. This is not an exaggeration. And I have sixteen thousand left. I have no idea what you're thinking about all of this. Let me just say that I have had a hard time sitting at my computer since our seperation. When things got REALLY nasty one of his issues was me sitting on the laptop. I was always sitting on it when he entered the door. It turns out that his time in the door was my down few minutes not chasing a kid.

But...I have been avoiding using my laptop. It's frustrating because my phone doesn't delete emails even if I hit delete. So here I am. With twenty-six thousand emails. I sat down today and started deleting. I wish I could just hit one button and get rid of them all. Unfortunately maybe 20 of them I'd like to keep. So I am finally grinding through this process. I guess it's a sign of healing, I'm finally ready to sit and deal with this after a year and 8 months. Every day I get a little better. Every day I get a little stronger. One day I might even introduce myself.

 Beginning over girl.

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